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How Chiropractic Saved My Life

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

I grew up being a child who was constantly sick and constantly visiting the medical doctors without any improvement. After a brain surgery in my first few years of life, I developed migraine headaches that rarely went away. My mom took me to every specialist she could trying to find me relief from my pain, and she was repeatedly told there was nothing wrong with me. Finally, after years of searching, another health care professional referred her to a specialized chiropractor. After just one adjustment I experienced relief from my migraine for 5 full days, which is something that hadn’t happened in years. After experiencing firsthand how chiropractic care could help the body naturally, I decided to join the profession so I could help others who are searching for answers, just like I was. I am now able to live a relatively pain free life with the help of chiropractic care and my passion in life is to help others in the same way. My personal history with chiropractic care is what drives me to continually learn so I can give my patients the best possible care for their body.

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